Habits are the most powerful tool to make sustainable changes to your life.

Is this you?

πŸ‘‰πŸ»You really want to make some changes in your life. You find exciting ideas, that inspire you and that you'd love to try out.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»You print out the checklists, proposals or suggestions you find, and maybe hang them on your desk, or fridge or make them visible to you in some other way  (that's already great...not many people do that, by the way).

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Very often there are things on that list, that you'd like to do on several days but without a constant reminder, they seem to fall to the "backburner". You might do them once or twice, but at the end, the print out is just decorating the wall 😩.


Let me guess, your biggest challenge is staying consistent with daily routines and practices since life is so up in the air and most of the times unpredictable.

But HABITS don't form when you're not consistently following up on your rituals and routines. Your brain needs that consistency to understand that this is important to you.



Here is the biggest error in reasoning people make: "When I see it, I will be reminded to do it"


Just printing a list of things you could do is not enough unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, many people don't even do this.

But if your mind sees a list of things you want to do...all it thinks is: "I'll do that as soon as there is time". Clearly, that's not helpful.


If you want to successfully change something, you need to manage it a little bit better. In particular when there are multiple things you want to change or your ambitions are a bit more demanding (which they should be!).

But no worries. This does not have to be complicated! In fact, it can be fun. 

All it takes is some organization and a pinch of psychology. 


Guess what?

I did the heavy lifting for you. 

You know, I'm obsessed with productivity, transformation and self-improvement.

And the reason for that is, that I was sick and tired of promising myself that I will change something, only to look back a few months later and realizing that nothing changed. 

Whether it was taking better care of my health. Whether it was wanting to be more present with my kids and wife. Or whether I wanted to simply manage to drink more every single day.

I didn't manage to change anything. 

Why? Because I didn't pay attention to the most important ingredients of change:

  1. Visualization and gamification through simplified tracking, 
  2. Reflection and awareness through powerful questions. 


Sounds a bit textbooky, no? Hmmm, I definitely need to reword that sometime.


Anyways... I went on and read everything I could about this topic. And I experimented a lot (you rarely get it right the first time, you know). 

At the end, I managed to condense all the impactful elements I learned about onto 1 single page. Why one page? Because things have to stay simple for you to do something!


And that one page...man, it has it ALL.


βœ”οΈŽ You know when people say "try 30d challenges"? Well, that one-pager is representing one month, so you can do that.

βœ”οΈŽ Have you heard people referring to the "Seinfeld method"? That is when you set the rule to not "break the chain" when implementing a habit...that's in there too.

βœ”οΈŽ You know when you set out to do something, but don't consider that you actually have a life, which means a bunch of other commitments, that can (and will) come in the way of you successfully making the change? I built that in there too.


HONESTLY....I haven't seen any habit tracker out there, that is so simple to use and yet so powerful in its impact.

I really, really would love you to try it. That's why I make this no-brainer deal, special offer for you.

Picture yourself sticking to the promises you made to yourself. Doing what you said you would do!
How would that change your life if you finally manage to implement those healthy habits into your life?

Finally getting in shape?

Instead of the constant and highly frustrating ups and downs you probably experienced in the past.

Eating healthier?

But this time longer-term. Not falling victim to diets and other fad eating habits.

Time for self?

Journaling? Meditating? What else did you always wanted to integrate into your busy life but have not managed so far?


"Habits are the most powerful tool to make sustainable changes to your life."



Make your habits stick with this simple, yet powerful habit tracker.


Here is what you'll get

Video tutorial how to use the tracker

I explain exactly how to best use the habit tracker and point out to those critical elements that make it so powerful. This video is part of the bonuses in my Goal Setting Masterclass valued at €197. Lucky you πŸ€—

Printable sheets for each month of 2022

On each page, you have every day of the month (incl. the weekends), space to take notes, questions to ask yourself to get better every single month you use it.

For you - Forever* - On all your devices

Everything within a beautiful platform that you can access any time, anywhere

*Lifetime access [incl. yearly updates of printable sheets]




€49 €15


βœ”οΈŽ Video tutorial how to use the tracker

βœ”οΈŽ Printable sheets for each month of 2022

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Want to watch the video BEFORE purchasing?

Fine with me. Check it out below.
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Grab 12 months worth of printable sheets for only 15€ and make it easier for you to track your habits and make progress!


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