How you can manage your boss so that he supports your career instead of blocking it!

even if you have tried it all before and don’t believe they can change.


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After this training you will BE ABLE TO:

  • Increase the visibility of yourself and your work, so that you get the recognition and rewards that you deserve for the impact that you make
  • Raise your profile, demonstrate key leadership and show them you’re worth investing so that you get exciting work and access to opportunities
  • Get constant and regular “airtime” with your boss, so that you can build a productive partnership, and become his/her ”right hand”.
  • Make your boss an ally and foster loyalty so that he/she advocates for you and brings you to the radar of key decision makers
  • Enjoy more freedom, trust and respect in the office so that you can feel appreciated and accomplished every single day

What some of the attendees had to say


The best time to build a trustful relationship with your boss was when you first met. The next best time is today.


You are at the right spot, if you...

  • Are awesome, and have been performing superbly for years and proving your skills…and your boss still doesn’t see your potential.
  • Want to stop wasting time and energy fighting your boss and instead invest in building your profile and strengthening your image at work.
  • Want to get the freedom to express yourself and demonstrate to decision makers in the company that you are worth investing in.
  • Want to leverage your boss for what he/she is there to do for you and have them do the heavy lifting for your networking.
  • Can’t wait to work for a boss who trusts you and respects you and gives you the freedom to work in your own way/style.

Get your hands on the 5 most powerful yet simple to implement strategies
that inject trust into your relationship and help you enjoy autonomy at work
(and frankly make your life much easier in the office).

Hi, I'm Tasso

I help employees who despite hard work are stuck in their current position for too long, improve the way they come across in the company so that they get access to the opportunities that are out of reach for them right now.

People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers.” Your boss is an important stakeholder in your development. He (or she) can make or break your career. That’s why we start here.

In my 13years in the corporate environment, I have had 9 bosses that helped me understand their ACTUAL role in the company, made me realize what I can expect from them and revealed to me how I can use them to position myself within the organization. I’d love to share my experience with you.



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