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"As a result of Tasso's coaching, I was able to focus on areas in which to improve, but more importantly to build on my strengths. I learned how to communicate more clearly with my manager and peers, thereby strengthening my relationships with them. Because of Tasso's calm reasoning and valuable insights I have learned to have confidence in the decisions I make. With his guidance I was able to make a few tough calls and succeed in some projects which seemed so daunting I did not even know where to start. The skills he helped me develop will last me lifetime, both in business and my personal life."


"My first session with Tasso was an experience I won't forget any time soon. His technique can be described as rational and confrontational, but not in an in your face kind of way. He'll have you externalise and come to terms with the rational truth you already knew but wouldn't accept. He'll walk you step by step to the point that you want to go home and start working on all the things you've been wanting to do for some time."


"Tasso was very helpful in helping me to develop my leadership skills. His very engaging approach was great to help me to go the next level. His soft approach gave me confidence in going outside from leadership comfort zone"


"In einer sehr hektischen und überwältigenden Phase und in einer Zeit, in der es zu viele Alternativen gibt, bekam ich von Tasso wichtige Impulse, um meinen Fokus wieder in die richtige Richtung zu lenken und meine Ziele neu zu definieren."


"Tasso's coaching was a very useful experience to me, I learned … to know me better! I know now that there are things I can change and others that I cannot, and I’ve learned how to live with that."


"Tasso has a way of not telling you what to do but guide you through and help you find the way yourself. He taught me to see things from another perspective, taking distance and tackle an issue that way."


"I was worried about having to answer all kind of questions for which I knew I did not have answers. But the connection with Tasso was instantaneous. I felt at ease the first minutes we met. There was trust."


"Tasso's coaching method has helped me see/perceive things at a deeper level that I would have done on my own. Such a people's person & highly perceptive he is. I am sure that is what helps others to reach within their hearts for their potential."


"Tasso's passion and fine sense of humor keeps people’s attention, while asking the right questions triggers potential life changing reflections. I would like to thank you as I already managed to perform some worthy life changes in line with my mission. He can really make the difference!"


"Talking to Tasso, I always got priceless insights and additional energy motivating me for the whole day. His coaching was never intrusive but with an easiness that allowed me to look at things differently and to move problems out of my way. I can only hope that Tasso uses this gift to help more people to move further in their career and in their private life."


"I considered Tasso's coaching as a potential option to help with my self-confidence. I had noticed this was influencing many aspects of both my personal and professional life. As a young, working mother I felt I was underachieving at both my „jobs“.

The sessions with Tasso turned out to be a very rewarding and affirming experience. During this time, I learned a lot about myself, my triggers and blindspots that guided my behavioral and emotional responses and was equipped with a multitude of tools and techniques to help me along my journey. I felt a noticeable transformation in myself. I was, and have since, been able to take things less personally. I am no longer questioning my decisions but owning them, despite not being „perfect“.

Overall, Tasso‘s coaching has made my life more simple, situations more rewarding and less uneasy. My relationships have also benefited and are also more straight forward and easy.

I would definitely recommend coaching with Tasso to friends in similar situations."

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