Hello, I'm Tasso.


I'm passionate about helping people believe in themselves more, so that they become stronger, more energized and more confident in living extraordinary lives that inspire others to do the same.


My Story


My whole life, I handled my low self-confidence, mostly by preferring environments that I felt I could control and relying heavily on other people's validation and opinion of me.


A very stressful, draining and limiting experience with little growth and lots of drifting.


The birth of my first kid forced me to change that as I wanted to step up and be a role model and inspiration. 


But for that, I needed to change the way I saw myself, what I believed about myself and the impact I thought I could have. I had to change the way I showed up every day.


Because the way we show up and live our lives, influences others around us. It shows them what's possible, challenges them and inspires them to improve theirs.


That's the journey I'm on. I share what I learn about productivity, habits, goal setting, mindset, self-image, emotions, and confidence on my social media channels.


I believe we don't need more leaders in this world, we need more role models.


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