Select the right goals and pursue them with success!

Does it matter how many goals you have? Does it matter how you word them? Do they need to focus on the outcome or on the process? Should they be audacious and bold, or small and achievable?

Or does none of that matter and it all boils down to YOU? Your habits and routines, your approach, mindset and identity?

This course answers those questions and much more. 

You will learn:  

  • Why pursuing goals is hard and what makes us quit
  • How to use the year passed to crush the next

  • How to select the right goals that will excite you

  • What will help you to not give up and reach your goals 

More specifically: 

  • There is one main reason why we find ourselves quitting (BIG insight! You will be surprised)
  • 5 major mistakes people make when selecting goals
  • 3 exercises how to set goals that will excite you, inspire you and get you out of bed in the morning.
  • 3 main obstacles that come in the way of you successfully executing on your goals
  • Why you won't reach your audacious goals unless you get THIS right (hint: has to do with your self-image)
  • The 6 elements you need to align in order to crush your goals
  • The 4 critical success habits you need to install to effortlessly master your ambitions

What People Are Saying:

  • “Perfect balance between valuable content and exercises to focus on our own personal goals.” (Aïda)
  • “Great session, full of information and time for self reflection. Highly recommended. Thanks Tasso for another good and practical session.” (Dorothea)
  • “The course is super practical and really well structured.” (Rachel)
  • “I really enjoyed Tasso's course. It was well structured and most importantly contained useful information and short exercises. I already applied some of the things I learned.” (Alex)
  • “Thank you for this. It was very useful, informative and motivational.” (Aref)
  • “Great presentation and great interaction!” (Roman)
  • “I really liked the structure of the presentation and also the interactive part with a lot of questions.” (Max)

The power of the 10-day-challenge (included in 2020!):